Temperament of a Broholmer Dog

Discover the Broholmer – a breed renowned for its calm, friendly, and watchful nature. Broholmers are protective, yet their hearts lie with their human family or pack.

Originally bred for stag hunting and safeguarding vast farms, they relish the outdoors more than cozying up indoors. Engaging in games like hide and seek or chasing a ball in the yard is where they truly shine.

Training these intelligent and eager-to-please dogs is a breeze. While they approach strangers with caution, aggression is not in their nature, while they bark very rarely.

Broholmer pups excel as watchdogs and guardians, especially in homes with children. Their high intelligence shines through with early socialization and training.

However, keep in mind that Broholmers need their daily exercise to stay active and healthy. Regular outdoor play sessions are a must to prevent behavioral issues in these dogs. If you have a large household or a family with children, this breed could be your ideal companion.

Make sure you get a puppy from an ethical Broholmer breeder and not from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder.

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