Adding a Broholmer to your family will bring much love to your life. Broholmers make excellent family companions. They are very devoted to their families. There life will revolve around your life, as they want nothing more than to engage and be with you every moment they can. They love people of all ages including children and the elderly, which makes them awesome Therapy Dogs.

Broholmers were bred as Estate Guardians but really they are just too loving to be of any real threat to an intruder. They will bark but that is it. Once the stranger comes in the house they will want nothing more than to be petted and probably crawl in their lap. They have no clue their size and think they are little lap dogs. Their size alone is what will deter an intruder.

They by far are one of the most snuggly breeds you could every have. They don’t really want to sit near you or sleep near you they really want to sleep on you. They can’t seem to quench their desire for love. Broholmers want to be with you. They love to go places with you, Baseball games, Soccer games, walks in the park, picnics, camping, boating, trail hikes, are all something you can enjoy with your Broholmer,

For their size the Broholmer is a very agile, dry mouthed breed of dog. They can do agility, fetch balls, and some love to jump and catch a frisbee. They also can pull carts and sleds for the kids, They get along well with other dogs and do enjoy play dates, especially if they are an only dog. They are a very sweet tempered breed of dog with a heart of gold that will easily steal your heart.

Make sure you get a Broholmer puppy from a well-reputed and ethical breeder. You will hardly find any Broholmer breeder outside Europe but you can import one from Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.

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