How to Import a Broholmer to the US?

Broholmer or Danish Mastiff is a rare dog breed hardly found in the US. This dog breed belongs to Denmark and most Broholmer owners in the US have imported this dog from Denmark or other European countries where breeders of this breed have been breeding it.

So, if you don’t find a Broholmer puppy from a well-reputed breeder in the US, you may consider importing one from Denmark or other countries. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find how can you import a Broholmer puppy from outside of the US.

Note: CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) has suspended the import of dogs from high-risk rabies countries till July 31, 2024. Make sure you don’t import a puppy from a high-risk rabies country.

What do you need to bring a Broholmer puppy/dog to the US?

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